Chairman's Desk

I would like to thank the almighty for the past and place ourselves under His protection and guidance, for the future, we have completed twenty three years of striving, dedication, hardwork and sincerity in our endeavor to provide quality education. Looking back on the past years, one has to acknowledge that Crescent public school has done an excellent service for the cause of education in the most congenial and healthy environment. The aim and motto of the school is not commercializes education, but continues to remain an institution of service. The speciality of this institute is that it has made quality education accessible to all, high and low, rich and poor alike.

During our journey, the school has created an ambiance that fosters learning, as it provides the students with opportunities to explore and grow, through situations, that challenge them to identity their strength and reinforce them. In this regard the words of the great scientist Albert Einstein are memorable when he said “ I don’t teach my children, I create condition for them to learn”.

In conclusion let me express my sincere gratitude to parents, teachers and smart crescentians. Wish you a happy academic year and happy learning.