Club Activites


Our school provides so many club that benefits the students who want to pursue their habits to make them in profession, they can lot of things related to their liking. The various clubs includes Science club, Social club, Literary club, Eco club, Maths club, IT club and arts club . Science club gave more importance to bio-degradable resource that is 3 r’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Social club conducted field trips to Historical places that helps students to achieve innovative ideas to implement from past to future. The foremost and highlighting activity of our school comes under Eco club. All the students participate enthusiastically to make Earth-friendly environment. Theme of this club is “Waste Food is equal to Waste water is equal to Uprooting the Earth”. Literary club is another peak point of our school which encourage the students to LSR (Listening , Speaking, and Reading ) towards creative and critical thinking. It is collaborated with IT club in technology for blended learning.

“We can’t help every one But ………Every one can help some one” .This great words of Dr. Loretta Scott is achieved by our Charity club along with our most vibrant School Management. Under this Malayala Manorama ‘Nalla paadam’ we have done numerous charities where our children have great pleasure in lifedoing what people say you cannot do.