Transport Facilities

The school provides transportation facilities to students. We have well experienced and trained drivers and nannies to take care of children. Parents, who wants to send their wards by school bus should applied for the same to the principal at the beginning of the Academic year. Buses are operated in all important routes.

  • Bus No.1 : Chettipadi-Anangadi-Kadalundi Nagaram-Kadalundi kadavu-Vattapparamb.
  • Bus No.2 :Chettyarmad-Athanikkal-Anangadi-Kottakkadavu-Kadalundi.
  • Bus No.3 :Kallampara-Pullikkadavu-Pullipparamb-Perumugham-Mannur Rail- Vattapparamb.
  • Bus No.4 :ESI-Puttekkad-IOC-Feroke-Karuvanthiruthy-Chaliyam- forest.
  • Bus No.5 :Kashayappadi-Nallur-Feroke-Karuvanthiruthy-Chaliyam.
  • Bus No.6 :Chalipparamb-Elannimmal-Aalungal-Chakkuvalavu.
  • Bus No.7 :Nallalam Bazar- Kolathara-Modern-Srambia-Koyas-Chandakkadavu-Mannur valavu.


We have a well designed, spacious and airy science lab which provides opportunities for each student to do the experiments and learn by doing method. All modern facilities and tools are available in our lab, which encourage students and cultivate interest in learning science, getting them ready to critical science, which is very important for a science student. More over all safety measures are adopted in the lab which makes our lab a salient one.


Technology plays a major role in 21st century education. The new model of integrating technology into the curriculum means that computers are on demand through out the school day. The computer lab serves as the center for teaching computer use to whole classes. Our school provides well equipped computer lab with latest computers, scanners, printers and other peripherals. There are two computer labs with nearby 20 computers.


The class room has equipped with smart boards . A total of 27 class rooms have been updated to smart class.


Our school has a well equipped composite library system which has a diverse collection with over 3000 books and advanced learning facilities that can boost creative knowledge.


Refreshment corner - NILA a place for food that is an ingredient that binds us together between the two pieces of bread. This is the corner where we choose that serves healthy, nutritious and hygienic food, affordable for students, faculties and others.


Play area designed to provide an environment for children that facilitates play, typically outdoors. The structure of the park is designed for children of all age groups and students with disabilities. Highlighting the enjoyment as a part of fitness.